Water Damage Photo Gallery

Be Aware of what's growing in your pipes

These Roots were in our Pipes from our bathroom.  These roots had caused slow drainage for many months and almost multiple Water Damages.  We discovered that a tree right outside our bathroom had been the culprit for the roots growing in our pipes.  These could have caused a major Water Damage for anyone.  Make sure your pipes are cleared of any roots or Debris.

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Commercial Mold Remedition

The basement Bartlesville clinic had a tremendous amount of mold growing due to flooding. By carefully removing the moldy materials and thoroughly cleaning the basement, SERVPRO technicians were able return the basement to where it could safely be used. The clinic did have to be closed at any point during this project.

Mold Remediation

This photo was taken at vacation home in Havana, Kansas. The home was unoccupied during the winter and had a significant water leak. Every surface in the home was covered in mold. SERVPRO technicians removed all of the moldy materials and thoroughly cleaned the home allowing the homeowners to rebuild.

Fully Stocked Water Truck

SERVPRO of Bartlesville/Miami vehicles are fully stocked and able to handle any size commercial or residential water damages.  SERVPRO will come to your water damage with all of the equipment to do the job including air movers, dehumidifiers, and extractors. We can also bring specialty equipment for drying cabinets, wall cavity, and hardwood floors. We use our 15 years of experience to ensure we have the necessary equipment to dry your property.

Water Damages can happen at any time and anywhere.  Each water damage is different and may need specialized equipment to fully get your home or business dried out.  Let the experts come and do the job right.  We follow IICRC drying requirement for all insurance carriers.

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